Episode 75 | Tara B | Six Types of Voice Teachers That You Should Know About

Tara breaks down the different types of voice teachers that are coaching people. There are many ways that people coach voice and different aspects of it. It helps to find a voice teacher when you understand the different criteria of what they teach. Tara gives you 6 types of voice teachers to help you get the best fit for you! 

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Different types of voice teachers: 

  1. The Technician—someone who teaches about the physical structure of the voice and the physical body and how they work together. 
  2. The Performance coach—someone who is all about the performance itself. They help prepare you for those concerts, whether emoting, singing a style, dealing with nerves or connecting with your audience. 
  3. The Foreign language/diction coach— someone who helps you fine tune how to pronounce languages or accents, as well as understand the context of the language or the dialect. 
  4. The Physical body and alignment coach—someone who helps you know how to get your body have a healthy foundation—alignment or posture or the way you move. 
  5. The Mental and emotional wellness or therapy coach—someone who helps someone with the mindsets or emotional well being so they don’t become a block and hinder their singing. 
  6. The Public speaking coach—someone who focuses on the oration of a speech, technique to help it stay healthy but also being expressive. 

If you are a student, take time to pick a teacher. And if you are a voice teacher, take the time to assess your strengths and hone in on those. 

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